What Our Clients Say

Xavier B.

“This place has quite honestly changed my life. Gave me a fitness routine I could enjoy, nutritional guidance I could follow, and the sense of community I’d been missing. I went from a casual, running trying to overcome obesity; to running marathons, ultra marathons, competing in spartan races, and crossfit style competitions too. If you’re looking to get healthy in any way on any level this is the BEST place to do it. Can’t recommend BASH enough.”

Kristina P.

Bash Fitness is like no other!!! Not only are you getting a welcoming family-like atmosphere, you are getting two extremely knowledgeable coaches to help you on whatever journey you might be on. Want to simply be able to run around and pick up your grandkids… check! Want to learn how to eat properly to lose weight and gain some muscle… check! Want to get fit for the next fitness competition… check! Bash Fitness has it all!! Dale and Chris not only talk the talk… they walk the walk!!! Hands down the best gym around!!!

Cynthia F.

Great coaches and environment, Dale & Chris are so knowledgeable you don’t have to worry about the workouts and if you’re doing them correctly. They’ll help you every step of the way! Everyone is so supportive and takes away the fear I had to get myself to go into a gym, highly recommend!

Jess A.

Bash Fitness; Cannot say enough great things about this place! From the dedicated coaches to its welcoming members, and of course thoughtful and quality filled workouts, you’ll want to keep coming back and be a part of the great community Coach Dale and Coach Chris have built. You definitely won’t regret it!!

Kim C.

Bash Fitness- All good things to say about this place! If you’re like me and sick of “going for a run” or struggling trying to come up with your own gym routine, this is the place for you. Everyone is so welcoming and the coaches are incredibly encouraging! No matter what level you’re starting at or what goals you have, this is the place to be. I highly recommend!!

Alex P.

Dale and BASH helped me in many ways over the years. Two years ago I started a nutrition plan that last for three months, where I dropped 30 pounds to my goal weight. Two years later, I am STILL down at my goal weight, having never gotten close to where I started since. Dale made it easy to incorporate better habits into my life that I have been able to stick with for over 2 years. I now attend BASH group classes where I am working on building muscle and creating the body physique that I want. The classes last about 50 minutes, 3-times per week, where I am paid attention to and pushed each and every time. The community provided by BASH and Dale enable you to want to come back each time. HIGHLY recommend!